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Nice Site

At nice site we aim to create beautiful and useful websites for our customers like some of the ones that we’re putting in our showcase section.

Nice site is the private website of Mark Bridgeman, the creator of a small web design company that has been trading since 2006 and has hundreds of clients and completed portfolios across the South and West Wales regions.

At Nice-Site/CPTsolutions we try to be different to other web design companies in the sense that profit is not our primary motivation for doing our work.  In short we love what we do and whilst it’s a cliche it’s true that if there was no such thing as money we would still do web design, web development (there is a difference), web marketing and multimedia work for our clients.

We also value our customers.  We have an informal and happy relationship with our customers who range from small local businesses, larger enterprises, sports clubs, medical practitioners, as well as welsh league football clubs and for us the relationship comes first.  If we don’t think that we can have a happy and lifelong relationship with you as a client we won’t take you on.  It’s as simple as that.


As for pricing, sadly we have to charge but we will work with any budget, needless to say the more you are able to spend, the more we can do for you, but we will give you endless amounts of one thing free.  That’s advice.  We’re happy to help and we never charge for amendments to existing work.  We never charge for meetings, thinking time or support when things go wrong.  We love giving good customer service. It enriches us and it enriches you too.  Business should be about joy.  If it becomes a source of stress we’re doing something wrong.

Work Undertaken

Static HTML – Brochure sites, content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla/Drupal etc, E-commerce with full support, training and guidance if you live near to us.  Out of area training can be provided but this will increase the cost.

At Nice Site we work with the latest technologies including HTML 5.0, Jquery and much, much, more.  We’re always moving with new industry developments to keep our skill set up to date.


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Cheap Car Parts – Keep Driving

Cheap Car Parts - Keep Driving

A screenshot of Keep Driving, a Stunning Looking Online shop that supplies Cheap Car Parts

Keep driving is an online shop designed to sell you the best quality cheap car parts at the best prices.

Lower Prices

They do this by cutting out the middle man to bring you the best deals.

There’s a vast network of distributors between you and the cheap cart part that you want.

These distributors all take a cut of the final sale price of every part that you can buy.

By cutting them all out and buying directly from the factory gates Keep Driving can pass on savings to you right now.

All Makes and Models

Save money and buy direct to get the part you want for all makes and models of cars, tractors, trucks and commercial vehicles.

Easy To Use

Unsure, you can find the cheap car parts that you want by using their handy search facility.

Based in the UK, Keep Driving (part of the Product Alliance Group) supply car parts from all over the world and can deliver fast!

You can even speak to them on the telephone.  What more can you ask for?

Click Here to Check them out now!

Design philosophy.

At Epiphany Creative Solutions we decided in conjunction with our client to create a nice, simple and easy to use platform that Keep Driving’s customers could use to easily find any part that they wanted.  We decided that it would be best to put the products directly in front of web visitors to make it obvious that it was an online store with thousands of products that they could browse by either category, make and model, or product type such as flame heaters and wipers blades etc.

All the while we were determined to make something that was attractive to use and easy on the eye.  The result is this stunning site.  Simply click the picture below to visit Keep Driving and pick yourself up a good deal on Cheap Car Parts.


Keep Driving A delightful online shop made by Keep Driving- Supplier of Cheap Car Parts and other automotive parts.

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Solar Panel Installers Wales

solar-panel-installers-walesSolar Panels are big business at the moment with government subsidies and feed in tariffs they can save you tons of cash as well as tons of Co2 making them good for the environment too.

Solar Cymru are Solar Panel Installers in Wales, ( and run an extensive, purpose built eco centre in pencader that uses green technologies as an environmental showcase for future living.

In addition to the above they also have a nifty online shop that sells anything from wood burners to ground source heat pumps, underfloor heating and all sorts of green goodness.

Visit Solar Cymru

Solar Panel Installers Wales, look no further than Solar Cymru.

As a point of design we felt that we could keep it simple, as the online store is meant for both trade users and the home domestic buyer of solar panels, ground source heat pumps, boilers, wood burning stoves (online) with our without back boilers.

The idea being that people could browse the shop, buy online or if they wanted to contact the store owner via telephone or email if they were unsure or needed advice.  Hence as a point of design the telephone number needed to feature prominently throughout the pages, posts and the store area of the website.

The cart was designed to be easy to use, prominent (we put the products right in front of people when they first visit the site) whilst it’s also packed with lots of industry information making the website a valuable resource for green home owners or people that would like to be green home owners.

The primary focus of the site at the moment (as it will vary from time to time, and deliberately so!) is of course solar panels.

People are searching for Solar Panel Installers in Wales particularly during the summer months when it’s the ideal time to out solar panels on your roof so that you can make money straight away from the government’s feed in tariff subsidy.

Solar Cymru offer free surveys to anyone within a 100 mile radius of the eco-centre in Pencader, Carmarthenshire (subject to availability) and will fit solar panels and indeed all green technologies that they offer anywhere in Wales.  They’re competitive on pricing too so give them a ring, or visit their site, Solar Cymru. 

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Programming Tools

Occasionally I get asked about the tools we use.  Everyone has heard of Adobe Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Photoshop which we use extensively but many people forget that the programming language you use is also a tool so in recognition of that the tools I use are listed below:

HTML 4.0 – all versions including XHTML.

HTML 5.0 – a new standard not yet completed by the World Wide Web Consortium but nevertheless an excellent emerging tool that is seeing greater levels of adoption.

CSS – All version from 1.0 to 3.0  –  CSS or cascading style sheets is an elegant and simple yet powerful system for web design.

JavaScript & Jquery – Brilliant for interactivity.

PHP – Derived from C, this flexible and powerful language is great for database lead projects and interactive sites like shopping carts and online community platforms.

C – That’s it a single letter yet a powerful and flexible programming language that is the ‘latin’ to the romance languages of the web such as PHP & CSS and other spin off technologies like Java/JavaScript (not the same).  Practically everything relates to C in some way or another.

Content Management Systems

In addition to the above the Content Management Systems that are out there are also great tools.

Joomla (all versions)

WordPress (all versions)

Virtuemart (E-commerce)

Presta-shop (E-commerce)

Zen Cart and OScommerce and many, many more…


Software Tools

Adobe Dreamweaver

Aptana Studio


Microsoft Expression Web


Adobe Fireworks

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator



Desktop Publishing

Serif Page Plus

Serif Web Plus



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